Friday, May 12, 2006

The day went crazy!!!

Logged in or not?
Originally uploaded by ooomz.
It started when I tried to send Arun a link from I tagged the link "For:ArunKK" and saved and then asked him to check the “Links for you” section. He checked and said the link is not showing up. I clicked on my favourites link, it started showing Arun’s favourites. Arun who was sitting next to me saw this and checked his favourites and he saw my favourites there.

Baffled by this I typed my id on the heading to explicitly show my favourites, now it did show my favourite links but this time on the top right it showed “Logged in as ArunKK”. I asked Arun to check in his machine, and as suspected, it showed “Logged in as Ooomz”.

By then I knew that is going crazy and I clicked on log out and it took to me to a login page which looked like the screen shot which is featured here. It said I’m not logged in and asked me to provide the login id and password. At the same time on the top right it still showed “Logged in as ArunKK”.

Déjà vu

Some days back Raghu sent me the url of Yahoo Answers over msn messenger and when I clicked on it, the Yahoo Answers page was open but the logged in name showed Raghu’s ID. I clicked on edit profile as I wanted to see if it takes me to Raghu’s profile. Luckily it didn’t happen. It took me to my own profile and the logged in name changed to my id.

I was back in Yahoo Answers page and this time showing my id on top. I sent the url to Raghu over msn, just to see what happens. After some time I got a message from Raghu saying its showing up my ID there at his machine.

Incidentally… is a Yahoo company

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