Thursday, May 25, 2006

Strategy Games


Microsoft is emphatically the market leader in case of personal computer softwares. I have not seen any of my Uncles or Aunts using Linux at their home. Almost all of my friends use Windows Operating System on their personal computer. And to my surprise, many of them are using pirated softwares. And the judgement being, Microsoft wont raid homes and check their personal computers. I always argued that Microsoft will introduce something which will make all these pirated software users to pay royalty for any more usage. I was sure, Microsoft wont have any problems in finding out those pirated softwares, atleast, the ones which are connected to internet. But, they are still using Windows as they did before.

To me, its the "Adam's Fruit Strategy" adopted by Microsoft strategists.

I am sure, they could have built the best anti piracy lock on the softwares produced by them. But, they wanted piracy to happen so that more and more people use their product and get addicted to them. The story would have been entirely different, if they had said that their softwares were free. Microsoft maintained that, they are against piracy at one hand and kept open the beautiful fruit of pirated softwares on the other hand. All the users fell for it and now are addicted to the Microsoft standards. At the same time, now, they are ready to pay the price for Licensed Microsoft softwares.

(Even though, Linux satisfies a normal usage, I prefer to go with a Licensed Windows.
Frankly, I am addicted to Windows Look and Feel)


Google can definitely be termed as the "Smart Kid". Google dares to try the impossible and surprisingly make it possible. I opened my first mail account in hotmail in 1999. Later, I registered with Yahoo, MailCity, 123Mail, RediffMail and lot more. Frankly, now I dont even remember the passwords of any of my mail accounts other than Hotmail and Yahoo.
I was more than happy with the service provided by Hotmail and Yahoo. I maintained one for my private purpose and the other for other. This went on for last couple of years. This was the same story almost all of my friends too. Google dared to get into the market of free eMail providers when people had stopped talking about eMail as a service.

To me, it was "Tap the Ego Strategy" adopted by Google strategists.

Google couldn't have attracted a common man by just saying, you get 10 GB space free when the space was not really a service. Google restricted the registrations by invitations alone and let the users decide the fate of Google. A tough call ! But Google took the chance and let people run with their batons in the relay race. Each of us, who got the baton took it very personal and handed over the baton to next 5. With in no time, gmail was a status symbol of a "networked internet person".

(Now, my official id is of gmail and I use hotmail for junk registrations)

A small note

The "Art of War" by Sun Tzu says:
"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles."


Unknown said...

The Microsoft strategy seems to be true. Never thought in that angle. These guys are truly amazing. The Google strategy I could understand after a bit of reading about the web 2.0 fundas. I knew that they are using us as their marketing force. Hats off

The Noob Blogger said...

I dived when saw the title "Strategy Games" on Whitespace. "WOW! Now we're talking", I thought.

One second later, as the page was loading and I saw the sub-title: "Microsoft". "Man, this is in-depth" was my next reaction.

I glanced excitedly through the text but nothing seemed familiar... then I saw it. One Special Paragraph "To me, its the "Adam's Fruit Strategy" adopted by Microsoft strategists." It declared! And I was done...

what else should I have expected? Age of Empires?