Saturday, June 24, 2006

Big Boy's Special Bias

"Is your email service biased towards you? do you find that everyone that you know has been upgraded to a new version of the service while you've been left behind even though you signed up for the service before them? Are you sad because of this?"

"Let me introduce you to something that will help you recover. Introducing The Nullified Field Effect... An easy to use general application cream. This cream is guaranteed to erase all memories that you have ever had of a particular service called GMAIL, both good and bad. So, the next time someone says 'Hey have you checked out this new feature in on your gmail account?' you can proudly say, 'what the heck is gmail? some kinda postal service?' and be totally sincere about it!"

NOTE: This message is dedicated to all those who have selflessly given themselves up to an email service that uses them as guinea pigs and does not repay them with basic courtesy ... upgrading their services only after everyone else in the universe! To everyone who uses gmail and finds that they are the last to get gmail chat or google calendar on their gmail accounts! You are the real Martyrs.


Unknown said...

This is serious. And that too when it happens to Mr Techno. :-)

Ya even I have thought about it, that y is gmail giving me the features after giving it to every one. But now a days i have started signing up for all their beta services, and may be coz of that they are a bit more fast in updating my gmail. This is just my feeling though. I would be just another user for Google.

Anyway your general application cream seems to be a good solution. :-)

The Noob Blogger said...


My Grandmom does not sign up for google's beta services... she has her email up-to-date!

Thinking about it, I was the last person I know whom yahoo upgraded to 200MB and then to 1GB. I waited two excruciating months to expand from 4mb or whatever it was... meanwhile everyone was sending everyone else 3-4MB forwards and cursing me because they bounced!


Unknown said...

Dunno Why It Is :-)

Is Google and Yahoo listening?

The Noob Blogger said...

I'm more curious as to "why?" rather than to nail the culprit...