Thursday, June 08, 2006

Google Calendar

I have been using Yahoo Calendar for over 4 years now and it has met most of my requirements till date. So it was just out of curiosity that I started using Google Calendar recently. I had got the news of its arrival long back from the product review sites so when Google opened the product I was one of the first user to jump on it and it was love at first sight.

Google Calendar (GCal) has already got hell a lot of reviews done by many others now, so I'm not going to talk about the product in depth but instead I'm talking about the things I like and I think is useful in GCal.
  1. First is ofcourse the neat and clutterfree typical Google interface which has everything visible in the screen, ie, the calendar, events view (i have kept month wise view as the default) and the calendars i use (this is one cool stuff)
  2. Usage of ajax for server communication, the page doesnot load on each click. (I'm getting used to this Ajax thingy in a big way)
  3. Quick Add option is one thing i just love and havent seen in any other calendar. I can actually put in a task by typing "Umesh's B'day on 8th Feb" and submit and an event
    called "Umesh's B'day" will be added on the date 8th Feb.
  4. A click on a day/hour will popup (layer) an add event box which is again adding events quickly.
  5. I can drag and drop an event on the event view area to another date or time. No need of going to the edit mode of the event just to change the dates.

    All of the above were some cool usabiity features of GCal but the 6th one is a new idea
  6. Multiple calendar usage. GCal has many pre-set calendars like Indian Holidays, FIFA World cup dates etc which i can add and it shows up as a part of my calendar view.
    My yahoo Id has a UK profile of mine, and so the Calendar automatically assumed that I will be only using UK dates.
  7. There is a XML feed for my calendar which i can share with others or add to my xml/rss reader
  8. GCal is integrated with GMail. I can add an event from the mail to the Calendar in one click

Things I would like to have

  1. A better interaction inorder to make me know that something is happening/loading after i click on something. Initially I used to wonder if something is really happening or
    the application is hung or something. Something like the message "Loading" in Gmail will be useful here.
  2. An event type when adding an event quickly. If I'm adding a birthday or an anniversary I should be able to specify that (GCal finding out itself will be more cooler) and
    automatically repeat the event every year.
  3. I should be able to change the end date of an event by just pulling a handle of the event block, on the events main view

I have already imported all the events to GCal from Yahoo and now onwards planning to use it as my new web calendar.

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