Thursday, June 29, 2006

My experience with the Video iPod

I got a new iPod video yesterday and I am really amazed at the sound and picture quality. This is a gift to me from my sister and brother-in-law. Thanks guys! I owe you a lot. :-)

I have a few video song DVDs and I wished that I could load them up in my iPod easily. A search on the internet found me Videora iPod converter. I would say that it is the best video converter software I have ever used. It is so simple to use and it simply works the way I want it to be. IPod plays only a few file formats and Videora easily converts .vob files to .mp4 files in minutes. After converting the files to mp4 format, I fired up iTunes and loaded all the videos into my iPod. The clarity and sound synchronisation was amazing. I am really hooked up with the videos videora churns out.

I would not prefer to use ITunes for mp3 songs as it locks up the songs once they are into the iPod. A quick search on the internet fetched me yamipod. The only freeware for songs management in iPod using a PC. Spent a few minutes with yamipod and got myself familiar into creating playlists and loading up all my mp3 collection. No more worries about music getting locked in iPod. Yamipod has both the option to copy music into and from iPod without locking up the music. And moreover, it simply works in z PC. All my praise goes to Tomas , the guy who coded this small application. Kudos Tomas! :-)

As I wanted to do more with my iPod than music and video , I worked a bit to integrate my google calendar and tada! did it . Downloaded all my calendars from google into the calendars folder in iPod. Now I have the FIFA Worldcup 2006 schedule , ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 Schedule , my office shift schedule etc;

A few more hours on the internet taught me to use the notes feature in iPod. I stumbled upon a site which hosts free iPod eBooks. A few clicks got the ebooks like How to Speak and Write Correctly by Joseph Devlin , The World War and What was Behind It by Louis P. Benezet (86) into my iPod. The one feature I have yet to dig is the photos. I hope to work on it by tomorrow morning.

Overall, I will say that iPod video is really a awesome product with extra feture other than music and video. Only thing is that, people should know how to and where to find hacks and resources for it. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Well written... :) Thanks to i want an ipod too.... :( boo hoo.....

Anonymous said...

Video IPod, the first gadget I have ever seen from Apple and it is awesome.