Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Matrix

Recently I had teach HTML / CSS to some of my Info architecture collegues. I was teaching them the basics first and then I told them that the fun actually starts when you get into the advanced mode of using CSS to do the layouts. They couldnt even understand me saying doing layouts with CSS. I told them that on an advanced level we should consider all html tags as just boxes and change the behaviour using style sheets and I threw a funda at them...
HTML / CSS is like The matrix. Once Neo knew that The matrix is not real but some code world, he could do anything with it. Like that here once we get the CSS layout box model clear in our head, we can do anything with it.
I agree that its too much of a funda, but i really liked it.

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The Noob Blogger said...

I Love the Matrix/CSS world... I can jump buildings and change their positions as i please....

client - "no sir, I want the navigation links to be at the bottom of the page!"

me - "sure, sir! whatever you want! do you want it to disappear too? I can do that in a minute..."