Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Kingfisher vs Jet

Going to Pune for the new year weekend was a sudden decision and as expected there were no tickets available for the low cost airlines at the last moment. I used Cleartrip to find out the best options avialable for my round trip and I found out that Kingfisher and Jet Airways offered the most conveneint times and costs. I booked my tickets through the airlines websites as cleartrip had some extra charges deducted when cancellation. As Kingfisher and Jet fall in the same bracket of service I thought of sharing my flight experience here.

Flights taken

Kingfisher Airlines - IT 411 - Boeing 737 700 - Bangalore to Pune - Dep: 06.05 AM, Arrival: 07.20 AM

Jet Airways - IT 411 - Airbus A321 - Pune to Bangalore - Dep: 06.25 AM, Arrival: 07.50 AM


Kingfisher - Kingfisher Class (Economy)

Jet - Economy


Kingfisher - Rs 4700/-

Jet - Rs 3810/-

On Time?

Both the flights were on time with less time taken for checking in (i had check-in baggage on the onward trip) and waiting for boarding.

Pick up coach

The Kingfisher coach was crowded and there were guests (KF refers their passengers as guests) standing. The Jet coach was airconditioned, more organised and less standing passengers.


KF interiors looked new, fresh and colorful whereas Jet interiors are more subtle. Kingfisher seats were comfier than Jet.

Welcome on board

Kingfisher offered a welcome drink along with a welcome kit which had a wet facial tissue, a pen, a pair of head phones, a candy and the meal menu card. Jet welcomed me with a welcome drink and a wet towel.

In flight Entertainment

Kingfisher has personal television for every guest and a variety of music channels. I watched Nach Baliye on the Star One channel to kill my time. The only in flight entertainment possible in Jet was the inflight magazine.


Type - Breakfast

The menus were more or less the same. Omellete, chicken sausages, potato wedges and bread. When KF's sausages and potato wedges tasted yummy, Jet's meal was more filling.


I found the all female KF flight attendants more pretty and pleasing. Jet's captain was more friendly to the passengers as he gave tips that the passengers sitting on the left side could enjoy an amazing view of the sun rise.


Jet had a smoother landing than KF

Overall Experience

I'm happy with both the flights. On an early morning 1 hour 20 minutes flight, inflight television and music didnt make any sense. I would have fully made use of it on a longer afternoon flight. I didnt want to miss the experience and so I watched the tv channel for some time but in Jet I preferred going to sleep soon after the breakfast.

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