Friday, January 26, 2007

Reader made me a reader

I had previously said that Flickr made me a better photographer coz of its social networking feature among a niche community. I could see all their photos and I could share my photos to them which made me think of new ideas in photography.

My latest muse is Google Reader. The first thing I do when i get connected to internet is to log into google reader and read blogs of which the xml feeds I have subscribed to. I was always a poor reader. I could never read books and I used to sleep when ever tried to read books. But now I've changed. I'm an avid reader now. I can read anything today, newspaper, magazines, novels, blogs, tech articles anything readable. I would say its coz of google reader. The way it aggregates all my favourite things and deliver them hot on every mornings on my desktop. It also makes my references easier. I can share the things which i read with my friends. Its super cool. If you cant believe me analyze this; Google Reader says
From my 57 subscriptions, over the last 30 days I've read 1,068 items


Shankar Ganesh said...

Try too for your RSS needs

DEEPU said...

I read this blog in google reader only.
but is it possible to give feed back also using the same?

Unknown said...

No Deepu. As it says Google Reader is just a "reader" which can read a standard RSS or Atom formatted xml file. But no input possible. So that leaves u no other option than to come to my blog to comment. Sorry :)

This is the same reason i was wondering if they can ever implement a search functionality into the reader or not. Some times i go mad searching for articles in my reader.

DEEPU said...

Just wanted to add something.
You can actually add this google reader to google's personalised home page.
no need to login into jus login into and enjoy

DEEPU said...
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