Monday, February 12, 2007


Now days I tell people that my life is an open book. I document the happenings in my life on my blog, Non breaking Space and I just give the blog url to people who ask what’s happening in my life. Before I used to send long mails about what’s happening in my life to all my friends and family, but now I blog and they read it and put in comments.

I had also said here previously that I have become an avid reader of other’s blogs, thanks to Google Reader. The community which I created using my blog gave me links to other’s blogs to read what they write. And thus we all stay in the loop. Now my friends seldom ask me what’s happening… coz they all know what’s happening.

Even though sometimes I write long posts on my blog, I personally like to read short posts and snippets. When I browse through the feeds in Google Reader daily, the first priority I give are for the short ones. I somehow tend to lose interest in reading long posts unless they are really captivating. I also advice my friends who blog to try splitting up their long posts into different stories and post separately to make it more interesting.

Twitter is a web application which is build upon the simple theory of micro blog posts. Using Twitter you don’t have to wait for a week to consolidate the happening in your life into one long post and make it uninteresting to your readers, but can post micro posts any time and every time you are doing something. You can add in your group of friends and let them know about your new twitter and constantly stay in loop. Twitter asks you one simple question “What are you doing?” for which you have to answer how many ever times you want and they will all be available on your twitter time line sorted by time. It marries two hot things on the web now, blogs and social networking. That’s why Twitter is red hot.

Susheel and I were talking about twitter the other day and the user evangelisms happening on it. Many people make use of Twitter for many different reasons. If I like twitter coz of its micro posts and the ability of posting my status message on my blog, Susheel likes it for other reasons. He says that Twitter makes you condense what ever in your head into a small sentence. It makes you focus. That’s an interesting view too. It’s very tough to make people understand about this service who are unaware of blogging and social networking and the experience it gives but once you are in it, I’m sure you will be addicted to it. If you really don’t know what to do with it, you can probably just look at their public timeline at regular intervals and kill your time. Its real time pass. I also made a friend there.

The other best thing of Twitter is that its not just web. As the whole idea is to send short posts, the use of mobile text messaging comes into the picture and yes you can also send in twitters using your mobile phone and receive from others. For people like me who are always online, there is an IM integration too which allows me to add the Twitter agent to my Google Talk and send messages which will be posted on my Twitter time line. A web badge also allows me to post my current Twitter message on my website.

My love for Twitter has made me vote for Twitter for The 10th Annual SXSW People's Choice Award. Vote for it if you are a Twitter fan.
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