Monday, April 02, 2007

BCB3 - Day Two

I started off the second day at Barcamp Bangalore 3 by more networking as the crowd was filtered to the cream unlike the first day. I was glad to know that Jai was enjoying the whole thing. Mahesh hung around with us; he is a very interesting guy to talk to. I again met Kiruba and was talking general stuff and I mentioned him that Robert Scoble had mailed me as I’m also a Twitter fan. Kiruba immediately suggested that I should do a talk on Twitter. I tried to slip away saying I have no idea how to do that, but he was not in a mood to leave me. Jai agreed with Kiruba and they both put in the slot on the notice board. I was dumbfounded. But Jai and Kiruba consoled me saying they will help me in the talk.

The first session I attended was Lawrence Liang’s talk on intellectual property who got the best full house audience after Activ Mobs (they had people standing too). Lawrence gave out a talk which was very interesting; he explained how the laws of intellectual property should be opened up to actually encourage piracy and tinkering to open up a brand new avenues of creativity. Lawrence got a roaring applause for his talk which was laced with his witty talk, music, tinkered videos and facts.

After that was “Thin Fone” by Rajiv Poddar. Thin fone streams music and transfers calls from Skype from your computer to the phone using a router within 50 meteres radius. Rajiv showed his product which was in the early stages of prototyping. After his video presentation he was asking for suggestions about the concept and he wanted early adopters. I think he got one or two. Somehow I didn’t find the product useful for me. I don’t know may be I should know about it more. But then “Thin fone is not trying to solve the techie's problem. Its for the mothers who wants to talk to their daughters calling on Skype from USA”

Lunch happened after that. It was better than the first day, I liked the fried rice. I met Siddharta Govindraj who gave the agile product development talk in BCB2 over the lunch and talked about his product development status. Siddhi said his project management tool is almost done and may be in two or three weeks he will be ready to start selling it. His biz card is super cool and he has a blog too.

Post lunch I went to Kiruba’s session about podcasting. He listed out the reasons why text bloggers thought podcasting was not a good idea and he tried to talk about it and break the myths. He also tried to help the people who were interested in starting podcasts by suggesting the right hardware and softwares. He said “A good blogger is the one who makes use of text, pics, audio and video. Thats why Lawrence's session rocked”. Susheel who was following my live BCB3 twitter time line actually messaged me a question to Kiruba, on my phone. Susheel was personally not happy with the way Kiruba mixed his audio, ie he separated the left and right channels. I shot this question to Kiruba, he answered saying for a one to one Q & A it made more sense to do it that way. I sent his answer to Susheel through Twitter. Btw Susheel is a Photographer who blogs, he is a Twitter fan and listens to podcasts when at work.

Next was the “Usability” session presented by Hari Krishnan. He was again explaining the heuristics using examples and it was a good and informative talk. People responded constructively, I could also contribute my views. I explained the difference between “useful and usable” products taking the Indian railways ticket booking website as an example.

After a 10 minutes break the “Big Fight” started between AJAX and Flex guys. The public was not sure if Ajax can be compared to Flex as its another platform completely. After a small fight on some points everyone agreed that both has its own pros and cons and have to coexist. The fight didn’t go anywhere like expected.

Next was my session on Twitter and I had very few audience to talk to. I was apprehensive at first but then people started coming in one by one till it became a decent number. I could see that all are the new and enthused guys like me who didn’t want to miss out any session. Luckily there were people who already knew about Twitter. Jai helped me answering to some of their questions. Kiruba came in between and he pepped up the procedure by asking me questions and made it livelier. I reminded the crowd about Susheel following Kiruba’s talk over my live twitter and he sending in questions and me answering. I also shared some creative ways of using Twitter and about the Twitter API. Thanks a lot to Kiruba. He could have easily be outside and talked to other biggies in the hallway, but he chose to encourage me instead. That was really sweet of him. Thanks to Jai too. He has a huge defense mechanism for himself and also people around him.

We all again gathered at the auditorium to talk about how it all went. People gave in constructive suggestions on how to improve the event; the main one was how to make it more un organized. Oh btw Barcamps will happen more frequently now onwards; four times a year. Everyone did agree that the event rocked and it will go on. It all ended with our Hip Hip Hurrays.

PS: Check out the Live micro blog of the whole event on Twitter (ofcourse whatever Sid, Jai and I saw and heard). I will post some pictures as and when i recieve their source over the internet.

Pictures courtesy Kiruba, mdemon and Mahesh Shantaram

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