Saturday, April 07, 2007

Technorati sucks

I have been checking out almost all the search engines for blogs which reported Barcamp Bangalore 3 and to my dismay I found that all the latest posts here on Whitespace are no where featured in the blog search engine Technorati. Susheel pointed out that I might have to login to Technorati and ping my blog for them to visit my blog and update their index. It made no sense to me. Google, Google Blog Search or Yahoo never asked me to do that. They do the updating themselves. Then why can't Technorati do the same? Why should I tell Technorati that I have updated my blog and ask its spiders to visit my blog?

Anyway i wanted to know how it works and I pinged Whitespace in my profile which showed "updated 377 days ago". After two days of pinging the status still shows the same. I suggest everyone to use Google Blog Search to search for blog posts.
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