Thursday, May 24, 2007

Cleartrip Customer Support

Last weekend I had to make a quick trip to Pune and i decided about it only on Wednesday night. I was adviced to take the Monday early morning Air India flight from Bombay as it is cheaper than the Jet Airways morning flight from Pune. I booked both my onward and return tickets using for the first time. The onward journey ticket was on Indigo for Friday night and as it was an e-ticket there were no hassles. The Air India ticket was paper and I booked it anyway hoping it to come to me in 24 hours time.

The next day (Thursday) morning I got a call from Cleartrip Customer Care and they told me that it will be too much of a fine cut to send the ticket to me in Bangalore before I fly out on Friday so if could give them a Bombay address they would deliver the tickets there. This made complete sense to me as it would give me less tension thinking about when I will get my tickets before I leave. After half an hour I sent them a mail quoting my Bombay address and also asked them to acknowledge my mail.

Friday morning I got a call from the Customer Care Executive with an apology saying someone had already sent my ticket to my Bangalore address the previous day even before she could do anything about it. I was tensed again coz till then I hadnt got the ticket and that evening I was flying out. I told her about my concern and she said she will check with the corrier company and let me know when I will get it. By afternoon she called again and promised me that I will get the ticket by 5 pm. I got the ticket at 5.10pm. At 5.30pm the executive (this time someone else) called me and made sure that I got the ticket.

Now thats what I call a real customer care. The way they thought of a hassle free way to deliver the ticket to me in Bombay, the way they made sure that it reached me even though their initial plan flopped and the way they let me knew about the happenings are really commendable. I'm super impressed and have decided that I will use only Cleartrip for my future trips. Three cheers to Cleartrip - Sonali and Diana for doing excellent work and I hope they keep it up.


The Noob Blogger said...

I'm sure it'll be Cleartrip for me next time... But all that great customer support, just to put you at Death's Door?

Mrugesh said...

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Anonymous said...

Well well .. this is exactly why I prefer to use rediff farechase or for my travel search and then book directly on airline sites. Better to have a one on one relationship with airlines.