Friday, June 29, 2007

Disconnection feels good

It all started with the TV. It had enough of my late nights while I indulge myself with a hot tea on the sofa watching late night movies. Now it is only coming up with the scan lines that reminded me of my school Science book chapter on the Electronics.

I tried to contact the TV guy who had looked after it for years. Unfortunately I was told he was killed on a road accident 2 months ago. I felt a great loss, but the person on the other end may be empathised that death of TV is far more damaging and took down my contacts to pass to, you know – to another TV guy.

I looked outside if the Newspaper was chucked on our doorstep. The paper boy, for the 2nd time this week took his time off.

On the next no Newspaper day, suddenly something happened my Internet stopped working. I wanted to register a complaint to the telephone company and picked up the phone. Guess what, that’s dead too.

Great, no TV, no Newspaper and no Internet, I wondered what on earth is happening. I went outside of the house, heard the big roaring noise fearing an apocalypse. I managed to teach myself the art of dancing while wading through the dust soup on my rural road (thanks to the unexpected thunder storm). Apparently they had chosen to lay the new drains just after 20 years of human occupation – one of the earth diggers had cut the cables that connected me to the outside world.

After 2 days of don’t care support from the Govt. run tel. company, forced me to do things that I would rather not do these days In fact I had more time for myself. The pace of life was so good that I almost enjoyed it. I started reading another book, took out the Guitar dusted it (well, I cannot play), learnt new words, cleaned the closet, got some chores done, got some admin done. I became suddenly focused and managed to get through most of the work that was pending for a very long time.

I thought to myself, how much time I have been wasting with my habit of checking emails for every few minutes, watching the news channel every hour, reading every news website. Nothing really mattered now, life is still possible.

Now that am back online and everything is getting back to normal, I feel when again I am going to get those 3 days of no nonsense world. I think being connected is not all that important as we think it is. Try, force your self, disconnect from the world see how good it feels.

I liked it and would retire in that fashion.

I just got a call from the TV guy, he was calling from around the corner and said will come on a dry day as he cannot risk his motor bike in this muddy road. I said "take your time, nothing urgent". I am glad he could not make it.

Sent as an email to me by a friend explaining his current state of mind after being disconnected from this big bad world. I thought of publishing it here with his permission.

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The Noob Blogger said...

Something I wish I could do... but information is so compelling that I find myself often unable to cope... Hope this happens to me sometime; unexpectedly, and not in a bad way... ;)