Sunday, June 03, 2007

Google Gears and Me

I installed Google Gears on to my home computer so that I can use Google reader offline reading stuff. It makes great sense to me coz i use a dial up connection and its not a good idea to be online till i finish reading. I have tried using Google reader offline earlier too, and it used to work. The idea was to open a folder of items, let it load fully and then go offline to open the items one by one which showed up from the cache. The only catch was that the images associated with the posts didn't load and also the posts which I marked read/favourite didn't really work. I was excited to know about the offline feature but I have been trying to synchronize my online/offline feeds for the past two days and its simply not working. It goes up to 5% and stops working. May be it needs more bandwidth, say a broadband connection. But if I had a broadband connection I wouldn't think of going offline to read them. In that case how would the Google reader offline feature makes sense? Oh may be for the people who travel a lot.... (Sigh)

I don't want the last 2000 items to be brought offline coz I have already read them. Why don't they start off with the current unread ones and then aggregate from there onwards?

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