Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Connected, so what?

In those days, when I had completed my 10th grade, and there was this one house that had telephone in my whole neighbourhood. I constantly bothered them to know if my uncle had called with my scores.

I once went to the other end of the city to meet a friend; but he was not back from work then. I asked if I can make use of his neighbour's phone, but I was not allowed access. I could not help myself cursing family's son whom they were all waiting for an hour to call from America as the nearest phone booth being 2 miles away.

When I started to work, nobody could reach me even if I overslept and turn up 2 hours late to work. We did not have a telephone at home then. My dad used to call my work when he is out of station and my boss admired how short I kept those calls to cut my dad's long distance phone bill. But all my local relatives that want to pass message to my mom were annoyed that I had only mono-syllabic response without knowing my habit.

When I moved out to a far place to work, I used to call my parents and watch the meter and I usually get disappointed if it had run over the budget for the month. The proliferation of technology made it a history where special phone calls that we waited for.

Zip forward today; I personally have 4 numbers which are two landlines and two mobiles. In fact I have five, the fifth one being the virtual number in totally a different country where I do not live anymore, which I can answer from here. There are more ways of connecting to me today. I am within reach to many even to those on the other side of the world, as my next door neighbour has. But, I have a need to call no one. No body has anything to say to me, and I am left with 5 telephone numbers.

I feel that I am constantly connected to no one.

My friend continues to mail me

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Sunil Shinde said...

>>I feel that I am constantly connected to no one.<<

That is a powerful line.

I would atleast give it a line carraige :)