Monday, July 23, 2007

Forgetting the basics

My makeshift desk which roomed almost everything that I thought as essentials for life and including my pet "a baby house lizard" and my feet, collapsed on me. Amazingly the only thing that died was my keyboard.

My plan of completing all my tasks that were due for the last 2 months on just one night seemed to be at risk. I remembered that I had a spare keyboard, but was not able to find it. Messaged and called whoever lived in my house to find out if they had done any thing with the spare, but had no luck. The futile search attempt did give me greater joy by revealing greater amount of money which I had forgotten about for years.

After having spent 1 hour on search and skipping my dinner, I put my engineering hat on, unscrewed opened the keyboard for a surgery. The thing just did not give me any hope of life at all. The locking lights would not want to go on. All I knew was everything looked alright to me. While doing so, I damaged some of it. Next morning, I went to the shop in the hot sun to buy a replacement after declaring the keyboard dead.

I reached behind the computer to fix it, and then it struck me. Yes you guessed it all along right; I had not checked if the cable was loose. It indeed was loose and the lights came on after pushing it in.

Oh great, now I can give the new keyboard back, I thought. Opened MS Word, tried all the keys, but few of them didn't work. I opened the keyboard again and carefully assembled it all back and tested it. More keys stopped working. Enough said, forgetting the basic is what we all do. It does not feel so good, after me spending time and money.

Now I know why they only want the sharpest of the sharpest brains to take up the medical science courses in our country.

(Typed in using my new keyboard)

I think my friend loves the fact that his mails to me are getting featured here.

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The Noob Blogger said...

Oops, forgot to put that artery back where it was supposed to be... Let's cut him up again and fix it...

Oops, it was not the artery. Quick, close him up...

Next patient...