Monday, October 29, 2007

Forgot Password?

Whitespace reader and eminent Tamil writer Sathyaraj Kumar has a tongue in cheek take on my previous post Gmail search doesn't suggest.

In his Tamil blog post Make life easier he says after being inspired by my post he came up with a screen like this which suggested passwords in case we didn't get it right.

Oh btw my friend Arun forgets his passwords all the time. He has posted a comment on my post Twitter is Changing!!!. He says how he felt good when he read the Twitter mail which he got when he requested to reset his password. It apparently said

Hey there.
Can't remember your password, huh?
It happens to the best of us.


Anonymous said...

when I draw this I realized how tough your job is :-) Thanks for pinning the image here.

Unknown said...

@raj i believe nothing is easy in this world.

btw my work is confined to doing sketches and wireframes now a days unlike our initial days of doing end to end. It helps me to spend more time in the thought process. Also we follow a user centric design process here so the developers will wait till they get the design documents. :-)

Anonymous said...

hmmm.. interesting... though i'm not too convinced on showing probably passwords as a suggest. I would freak if my correct password gets shown on the screen.
Plus passwords are usually encrypted so might not be possible to actually make the system read what you have typed and suggest, though we can always work around this.
What do you think ?

Unknown said...

@Vinodh Its a joke yaaar :-)