Sunday, October 21, 2007

Gmail search doesnt suggest

I really like the way Google suggests words when I misspell my search keywords. Now yahoo suggests words in real time as and when I type which is really useful and time saving as I don't have to wait for the search results to show up to know that I have misspelled the word. It also allows me to fine tune my search according to the real time suggestions Yahoo gives me. I also use Google search to get my spellings right when I'm in doubt; I type the wrong spelling into the search box and Google corrects me with the right spelling. This is a very peculiar use case.

But why did Google restrict the spelling suggestions only to its main search? When I search for something in Gmail I don't get these suggestions. Gmail could not only show me the results for my misspelled word but also let me know that I have actually made a typo and suggest that I run the search for the right word.

I know that it's my problem that I don't get my spellings right but computers are here to make my life easier right? :-)


Anonymous said...

//but computers are here to make my life easier right?//
We believe so. But in reality computers have made our life too complex over the time. Think about email or digital photos or videos... initially we wondered that how handy they are. Over the time they have become unmanagable and we are trying to write softwares again and again to add the complexity.

Unknown said...

I agree to it completely. But people like us should have some work right? We keep on working to put in more complexities and then try to simplify it by making them more complex. :-)

Vinodh Nandakumar said...

Reading this comment thread, reminds me of Donal Norman's "Invisible Computer". He tlaks about how complex the PC has gotten and some thoughts on simplifying the same.

Sometimes features are built into products, just beacuse a competting product has it, irrespective of whether it adds value to the user and this I think is one of the main reasons why things have gotten so complex :)