Sunday, October 21, 2007

Gmail search doesnt suggest

I really like the way Google suggests words when I misspell my search keywords. Now yahoo suggests words in real time as and when I type which is really useful and time saving as I don't have to wait for the search results to show up to know that I have misspelled the word. It also allows me to fine tune my search according to the real time suggestions Yahoo gives me. I also use Google search to get my spellings right when I'm in doubt; I type the wrong spelling into the search box and Google corrects me with the right spelling. This is a very peculiar use case.

But why did Google restrict the spelling suggestions only to its main search? When I search for something in Gmail I don't get these suggestions. Gmail could not only show me the results for my misspelled word but also let me know that I have actually made a typo and suggest that I run the search for the right word.

I know that it's my problem that I don't get my spellings right but computers are here to make my life easier right? :-)
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