Thursday, October 11, 2007

Playfulness in interaction design

More on the new age human web messages... (This can be an on going series I think)

Avenue A RazorFish's Digital Design blog explains how the incorporation of playfulness in user interfaces enhance user engagement and ultimately brand perception.

Some excerpts

And there’s no reason why as Kevin correctly pointed out that financial institutions can’t benefit from introducing playfulness into their interfaces. A financial application does not need to be dull and boring. What matters is how well we do something and there is fine line between being playful and being annoying or redundant.
The sorts of playfulness we see in our interfaces and brands says a lot about the designers, engineers and managers behind a product and the extent to which they will go to connect with their users.
The real challenge comes in convincing certain clients that incorporating playfulness into their interfaces/brand is worthy of the time, effort and risk involved.
Check it out. Its an interesting read.


Anonymous said...

Umesh!, totally like this concept, nice read too. But isn't it a bit tough to incorporate this in Line of biz apps like a CRM system for instance ?

Unknown said...

Tough to incorporate? Do you mean its not recommended? What do you think is the problem?

I think serious design need not be boring design. But ofcourse the degrees of playfulness should vary. But doesnt mean a CRM system shouldnt be a fun/cool system to use. Right?