Wednesday, October 10, 2007

This is what I have been reading

My Google Reader Trends say that from my 89 subscriptions, over the last 30 days I've read 1,260 items, starred 8 items, shared 82 items, and emailed 7 items.

Shared? What did I share?

That's the Other News section on the right side bar of this page. Those are the items I have shared with the world which I think would sum up to be an interesting read. It has interesting UX design concepts and info, tech industry breaking news, reviews, major software feature updates and some nice cartoon strips. Just the items i have read and found good enough to be shared. It's kinda a one stop for anyone interested in the tech industry to be up to date.

The trends also say that my top 5 shared items come from
  1. Techcrunch
  2. Scobleizer
  3. Signal vs. Noise
  4. Blognation India
  5. Cleartrip Blog

Scoble calls his shared items as Link Blog. So do I. So this is my Link Blog which I broadcast regularly. Oh it has a feed too which you can add it to your feed reader (I recommend Google Reader).

I'm overloaded!!!

Needless to say I'm overloaded with information. I read a lot now a days, thanks to Google Reader and I have 155 items still to be read. Phew.


Upma_Sharma said...

Hey Umesh...nice post...i got few more links to read :) liked this idea of sharing what you read. I guess what you can do is at the end of a week or so you can keep posting or i must say broadcasting what you read. :) what do you say?

Unknown said...

@upma: Glad that you liked the idea. But you dont have to wait till the end of a week etc to get my broadcast. I share them as and when i read it. So if you have my link blog feed it will constantly update you with my shared items.