Sunday, December 02, 2007

Some things need not change

I use the MediaMonkey software to synch music files with my iPod, instead of iTunes. MediaMoney not only gives me more control over the synching process but also allows me to transfer songs from the iPod to the computer which is not possible using iTunes. As I have all the current songs made as play list on MediaMonkey, I have also made it as the default music player in my computer. But every time I go to stop playing the song I freak out seeing the stop button. The stop button looks more like a delete button (cross mark) to me and every time I go to hit it, I get a feeling that I'm deleting the song from the hard drive.

I'm not sure why they changed the globally accepted and identified music/video player button icons and broke the consistency but it only meant a bad user experience. There are many things users have already got used to doing, and its better not to change it significantly so that they have to unlearn whatever they know and learn once again from scratch. As I always say, once someone got used to doing an activity, there is no point talking usability there.

Update: The new version MediaMonkey screen shot shows the standard stop button.
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