Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tamil Sky Wala

Usability is not only about product design, but about everything in life.

In my opinion, Tata Sky is an example for pushing Hindi forcibly into my life. The worst case happened when I was watching a programme on Animal Planet, originally made in English but dubbed in Hindi. I was aware of an option for me to choose my language; of course I had set it as English, but only to be ignored.

I called them but I was told they can do nothing about it. I was furious, I was not asking it to be dubbed in Tamil, but leave the original as it was.

However, I do appreciate them for making an effort to change.

Recently I called them again for a query and was greeted in Tamil. Surprisingly, after listening to the message, I learned that I also had a Leg Transplant
Ungal "Call"ai oru tata sky associate-kku maatrum bodhu, thayavu seidu kathirukkavum
which in English translates to
Please wait while we transfer your "Leg" to a Tata Sky associate
My friend has started taking usability seriously in life


Anonymous said...

Give them a big leg for such a nice translation.

mathew said...

hahaha..it took a few seconds to realise the leg part..;-P