Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hide will remove

Google Reader User Profile

Friend: There is a usability problem with Google Reader friend's shared items

Me: What is it?

Friend: Every time I load up yours, it comes with your profile, which is fine for the first time.

Me: Ya

Friend: I actually know you for about 8 years now and you dont need to be introduced again and again

Me: Hide friend will take the friend out of the list

Friend: Yes, exactly. I do not want you to go away, but i dont want your visiting card on my face either.

Friend: Would you beleieve, I clicked 'hide Umesh' button, realised what it does and then repeated it again after few weeks, because I forgot what it did. So intuitive.

Me: Its so obvious. Some one must have shouted at them already.

Friend: Well am reminding them again here.

My friend has become an angry young usability man

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