Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wordie Error

Wordie is another favorite. I use this to maintain a list of words that Iget to know for the first time or the ones I get the spelling confused with or the ones Iusually forget. Its fun. Recently Wordie seemed down for a couple of minutes. I got this message.

The concept of Wordie is a little tough to explain or to digest initially. Its not a useful service at first site. Wordie is targetted towards a very niche user segment who get giddy thrills out of the inherent beauty and elegance of words and language, enjoy exploring the history and etymology of words, and fill the vacuum with witty banter - as some one said. It seems even they know about it. But as I always say it all depends on how you can think of making use of these applications as a part of your day today life.

A part of the New Age Web Messages series

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