Monday, March 10, 2008

Usability & Popularity

My Friend says...

It never ends to amaze me how complicated a natural language is, and yet functional.

It gave me a thought that the language popularity has got definitely something to do with its usability.

From the few languages that I know to read and write, I ranked them in the order of highly usable as English, Hindi and Tamil. To give you an example, think of how English uses its upper and lowercase letters effectively to begin a sentence. How Hindi has different characters for different sounds -- I assume pronunciation is never a problem. Analysing languages and ranking them will only start off a political debate, which is not my intention here.

I am not going to list why I think Hindi is so good when it is written or why Tamil is good to write poetry or why I think English has best bit of everything to be the real winner. "Why?" Why, because I don't have a list and I do not have an authority to speak for any language. This is only an attempt to emphasise why usability is important for any tools' success
My friend is proud that he speaks English
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