Thursday, March 20, 2008

Why is Mac beautiful?

As my friend has also become an usability enthusiast I was asking him about his views on the effectiveness of using different form elements on web forms. We had a nice talk over it and after some time the talk drifted towards another interesting topic

Friend: see if you can fit your requirement in this, and implement it, easy to use patterns

Me: yahoo is so helpful. It will be a shame if they get sold to MS

Friend: no but still I do not think they are worth 40bn and all that’s overrated. Even MS is helpful in some ways

Me: I’m not saying MS is not helpful but for the web culture yahoo is way better than MS

Friend: yes, for web yahoo is doing more. MS is not doing much in internet. may be they do not care

Me: ya they don’t care. or they are arrogant

Friend: I don’t think they are arrogant

Me: I don’t know what new they have done in their new hotmail

Friend: I am comparing Mac with windows I would say MAC is arrogant and they have to be like that to be beautiful

Me: ya windows is arrogant as in they think the world loves them and will use anything they make. yahoo cant think like that; to an extent Google can

Friend: problem with windows is it is such a huge mess i.e. if you call that a mess

Me: but I seriously don’t know how they can keep that huge ass OS development intact without making it a mess with all those vendors mostly Indian. is apple outsourcing their OS development?

Friend: making windows, beautiful like Mac will be like saying India shining

Me: if so they have some serious quality control in place

Friend: Mac is not outsourcing anything

Me: hmm

Friend: Mac is completely controlled by Apple. So it is beautiful and works for many

Me: just one example, in outlook if u want to mark a mail as spam u right click on it and it will ask u four questions which will take my half an hour brain process time and a friend's help

Friend: :) use Google mail

Me: the same Microsoft has made entourage for Mac which has just one button to mark as spam. so isn’t that arrogance

Friend: no not really

Me: apple has restrictions I know for the level of offering options for the users

Friend: see windows traditionally has been a whore. it has to be like that for the windows people to love it. Mac on the other hand is like aiswarya rai; only abhishek gets to f*** her. So who is making many happy? The whore is. Hence windows is popular

Me: I’m speechless, that was one hell of an analogy

Friend: f*** as in, doing all sorts of hardware and software hacks

Me: hmm

Friend: I have this Mac mini on my desk. I have 1GB on it. i also bought 2GB ram separately from an online site; not apple. I am still kind of 2 minded whether to open it or not. there is no screw to open it; I have to use putty knife. yes, the other argument is, let apple handle the RAM upgrades anyway. you get the point?

Me: yes that’s how they keep it beautiful

Friend: yes

Me: won’t let others to finger it

Friend: exactly we cannot say its arrogance its protection of their property


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