Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Hold it You Stupid

I was suprised to meet my friend at the bar the other day coz he had told me that he stopped drinking

Me: Hey, how come you here? Are you back to drinking?

Friend: Yes, am just pissed at the Pepsi adverts.

Me: Are you talking about the Youngistan ads?

Friend: Yes, the one where the dude gets to be with the girl with his Pepsi drinking skills. These adverts brain wash me whenever they get an opportuinity.

Me: What about it?

Friend: All that is fine, but the part that irritates me is, the way the guy holds the can.

Me: You mean the 2 fingers closed? The Yo way?

Friend: By evolution or god's wish, we have 5 fingers. Because of laws of physics, a Cola Can often can be slippery. More the fingers you use to hold, the better. There is nothing cool about being a stupid.

Me: Alright, more beer?
User experience and beer just don't go together
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