Friday, May 02, 2008

Annoying Stickies

My friend says

I think it is easy to think of an idea for a product, but harder to materialise it. The hardest bit is to have great idea and come up with a product design that is usable. But usability does not stop just there. Even the tiniest of the problem could annoy your user. Take for e.g. I get really annoyed at the stickies that come with my new purchases.

I bought a fridge recently. An expensive, top quality, super cool (really), which comes with a mini manual stuck on its door. After a month or so, you get used to it and it is the time to unwrap the protective cellophane and get rid of the ugly stickers. Who would want to drive with an L board after they get the license. Anyway, some of them come off clean, but others wont. That becomes a problem to clean. I tried cleaning with all sorts of cleaning agents, but no luck. I realised I should have let the sticker be there, but its too late now.

Not just the manufacturers, even the sellers add to the problem. I bought a water bottle, nothing fancy, but the super market have to have its mark on it, guess what Buy 1 Get 1 Free sticker. I tried to remove it, it does not come off clean. Now it looks horrible. I just wish all stickers are made to be easily peeled off.

I also experience stickies on my satellite fed TV shows. TATA Sky, to protect from piracy adds an 8 digit number on the screen at random positions at random times. Really annoying.
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