Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy to help? Dont think so

My friend finds some or the other reason to go boozing i guess...

Me: You again in the bar? Is everything alright?

Friend: No. This time I'm not happy with the vodafone advertisements.

Me: You mean the Happy to help campaign? you are pissed with vodafone for some reason?

Friend: You know I pay 2 rupees per minute as per my prepaid lifetime scheme.

Me: Yea, you chose to pay that anyway. So whats wrong?

Friend: Totally wrong for the old customer and totally good for the new customer.

Me: How come?

Friend: Apparently the new customers of lifetime prepaid will be charged Rupee 1 per minute.

Me: So you the old customer of same plan, pay more?

Friend: Yep, loyalty means nothing to these companies.

Me: I am beginning to worry about you man.


Anonymous said...

This post belongs to NBS :).

The Noob Blogger said...

I concur...