Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I killed Twitter?

I'm frequenting bars now a days

Friend: Is someone dead? Why all that sad face?

Me: Yes, twitter.

Friend: Ah, well… have a drink.

Me: I wish there exists a world where no one dies. At least twitter can live in that world.

Friend: You killed it and you are crying about it.

Killer: What? What are you talking about?

Friend: Do you know why I do not use twitter?

Me: No? May be you can explain without calling me the killer.

Friend: Ok, when I started following people, I realized it was more trivia.

Killer: I do not get it.

Friend: I stopped twitter because you were updating that you went to pee, and you were falling asleep on desk at work and what nots…..

Killer: So what it has got anything to do with twitter's frequent death.

Friend: Now imagine all the people in this bar drinking beer have to pee and have the urge to twitter that they peed even before they wash their hands.

Killer: So you are saying all of us in here killed twitter.

Friend: Not exactly, all of those trivia are killing it.

Killer: Isn't Ruby on Rails which is slow then?

Friend: Do not get me started on it; I may have to kill you.

I know I have contributed to the murder but just to say, I have stopped tweeting using GTalk


Anonymous said...

You peed, and twitter died?

I don't see what the connection is. Trivia is what I like about twitter. I don't want a sermon, I want trivia.

As people mature in their use of a service, they being to understand that there are stupid ways to use it, and there are useful ways to use it.

I don't want to know when you pee, but I do want to know what colour your new car is... and what you think a friend's pet; "Killer".

But also, people get enthralled with a new system sometimes, one that works more smoothly, and has learnt some lessons from the old system... Its called evolution. And only the fittest survive.

In conclusion, I don't think anyone's going to kill twitter, I think everyone's going to evolve. They're going to stop writing about their peeing habits, and the backbone that reports stuff is going to evolve too...

Everyone's Happy!

Cheers to that!

Anonymous said...

True.. I totally agree with susheel. There's always the use case of unintended uses and this is definitely going to determine how social media evolves through twitter.

If you had followed how the quake in China got reported through twitter even before main stream media, you feel gratified about using a service like twitter.

Unknown said...

There is no doubt for the fact that i love Twitter for the fact that its trivial. And also the fact that its maturing, Atleast my twitter behaviour has matured. There is no doubt about that. But the other fact that there are lot of users using the service and there are still tweets which resemble to chat conversations or the likes of i'm peeing. Clubbed with the API traffic twitter is literally choked and i'm sure that the guys behind the service would have never imagined such kind of a usage. Their backend is not ready for it and they need to work on it to handle all the traffic. So its again the traffic which is killing it and most probably coz of silly conversations tweets etc especially when its coming from desktop apps. (i have seen tweets saying "Yes", "No", "I will do it" etc). I'm not questioning the value of twitter but the wrong usage. Ofcourse nothing can be done about it unless twitter restricts some kinds of wrong usage till everyone (both twitter and the users) gets their act up; which is again risky.

As i always say the problem should be dealt at the root level which is actually the inability to handle the wrong usage. They should do that asap or the world will next kill Ruby on Rails.