Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I killed Twitter?

I'm frequenting bars now a days

Friend: Is someone dead? Why all that sad face?

Me: Yes, twitter.

Friend: Ah, well… have a drink.

Me: I wish there exists a world where no one dies. At least twitter can live in that world.

Friend: You killed it and you are crying about it.

Killer: What? What are you talking about?

Friend: Do you know why I do not use twitter?

Me: No? May be you can explain without calling me the killer.

Friend: Ok, when I started following people, I realized it was more trivia.

Killer: I do not get it.

Friend: I stopped twitter because you were updating that you went to pee, and you were falling asleep on desk at work and what nots…..

Killer: So what it has got anything to do with twitter's frequent death.

Friend: Now imagine all the people in this bar drinking beer have to pee and have the urge to twitter that they peed even before they wash their hands.

Killer: So you are saying all of us in here killed twitter.

Friend: Not exactly, all of those trivia are killing it.

Killer: Isn't Ruby on Rails which is slow then?

Friend: Do not get me started on it; I may have to kill you.

I know I have contributed to the murder but just to say, I have stopped tweeting using GTalk
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