Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Bus(y) Me

I've always rooted for bringing in more human/casual/witty screen copy and little playfulness in interaction design. I recently spotted a neat one on redbus.in which made me laugh out loud. I cant explain it here coz it will spoil the fun, check it out yourself.

Playfullness in redbus.in home page
Click on the Boss is watching? link below the search button.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if this is anything particularly clever in interaction design. I'd file it under cheap tricks.

The boss key is actually an old joke that outlived its purpose in the 80s (cough... cough). Have you ever googled for "mahesh boss key shantaram"? :)

Unknown said...

@mahesh May be you didnt get the point i wanted to convey. I was not talking about the most clever ways of tricking your boss while browsing. I was just giving out an example of how to bring in playfulness in interaction design which is very important in user engagement. A little humour on the screens will ease the users and will help them to own and explore the product more.

A quote from a blog which talks about playfulness

"...engaging users and customers through a process of playful discovery, in which fun and quirky features are designed into products, allowing users to engage in entertaining passive exploration of the product. Playful features could have a purpose or simply be there as a wink to the user. The main idea is to create an atmosphere of play that enhances the intrinsic value of the software or product."

Please google for playfulness in interaction design to read whats others are talking about this.

Some intereating write ups

The Art of Play in Interaction Design & Brand ID

Playfulness in Interaction Design

Btw I did google for "mahesh boss key shantaram" and got the rediff article you wrote. Very interesting :-)

Anonymous said...

*Big laugh*. I loved it :) - esp the excel sheet!! Wish Google Reader had such a boss link ;)

Anonymous said...

Funny lines in the user interface is, IMHO, extremely hard to get right and to keep it going. After a while the funnyness wears off. Particularly when the user is having a bad experience with the software, any thing funny will only make it worse. It takes great confidence to have something like this. I would never include these in my apps.

Unknown said...

@ anonymous Agreed Ofcourse the primary focus should be on making the application functionality and usability. If that fails the playfulness becomes an irritation.