Friday, August 22, 2008

Share and share alike

Yes we know that Google Reader introduced a feature to share the articles with our contacts. This was further extended to share with notes. This is new and very few of my friends use it. Not often, but I do find the Share feature abused. I do have to say that sometimes I get overloaded with friends shares, apart from the inundation from blog writers. So I felt compelled to add some tips about the netiquette of sharing

  • Read all posts from your friends, if suddenly they become a sharial killer, tell them to stop.
  • Do not share gossip or trivial articles, use twitter if you have to, luckily it crashes when you do so :-)
  • Never share your writing from your own blog, most likely your friends are aware of your blog and will be on top of it (Yeah I've stopped doing it).
  • Ah yes, notes, be concise and remember you are saying it in some random space on the internet, which may or may not be heard.
  • If you want to note something of importance for your future reference, use a bookmarking service like delicious or even note but do not share (Not very straight forward though, more on that later).

I consider shares to be something important that you feel the urge to discuss with me, so better it be important or else I am going to ignore you like you did with this post.

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