Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Creative but Logical

A couple of years ago I had gone through the interview process of Kanbay (Now Capgemini) which I ultimately didn't crack. But I consider their process to be the best I have gone through till now. They initially sent me a questionnaire with some interesting questions to answer and then a face to face interview from which I actually garnered a lot of knowledge. I didn't get through the interview but the place left a great impression about the potential work environment they would have offered me.

One of the sections in the questionnaire (i had saved it in my comp an dug it out some time back) was a lateral thinking questions part where I had to give three similarities between a pair of objects. I think I kinda did well in the first point but freaked out towards the 3rd one :-) Thought of sharing them here... just for fun...


Write down 3 similarities between the following pairs of objects.
Note: This is a Lateral Thinking question. Provide creative but logical answers.

- Mirror and pencil
(Example: Both mirror and pencil communicate feelings)

a) Both mirror and pencil have corrective features; we look at the mirror to correct ourselves of some flaw in our grooming. Anything written with pencil can be erased and corrected if something written goes wrong.
b) Co-Existence - A mirror’s main part is the glass and a pencil’s is the lead. Both are not useful in this context unless a silver coat on one side or wood covers them respectively.
c) Both mirror and pencil helps to gauge one’s persona; by the way one has presented himself and also from his hand writing skills.

- Chocolate and telephone

a) Both chocolate and telephone are used to communicate our feelings to someone, especially love.
b) Too much of both won’t do any good. One would run into health problems due to too many chocolates and with too many phone calls one would run into billing problems.
c) Telephone was invented by Graham bell whereas chocolate is from the land of cow bell.

- Chair and clock

a) Both chair and clock is closely related to the concept of waiting
b) When hands are the main parts of a clock, legs are the main parts of a chair
c) Being in the chair gives a sense of responsibility, and looking at the clock reminds me those responsibilities


Anonymous said...

I really went blank on each one of them :-)

Anonymous said...

I do not fair well on these questions, even aptitude testing for that matter. I fail to understand what these tests can bring out in a person. I will not be impressed if I receive such questionaire (a pointless activity in my opinion).

Anonymous said...

Brilliant answers... all of them.

Congratulations to you, and despair to those who did not hire you...

On second thoughts, maybe you're better off that they didn't hire you.


Unknown said...