Thursday, October 16, 2008

Gmail filter rules

Gmail Filter

I send screen shots, conversations, story links to my Gmail whenever I discover them so that I can later use them here on my blog posts. Most of the time this happens when I’m at work and I send out these mails from my work outlook. Then later when I get onto Gmail I select these mails and label them whitespace and make them easy discoverable later when I sit down to write things. Lot of work. I basically dont like working.

I was wondering if I could just send these mails out and then forget about them till I’m really in need of them. After a bit of googling for help, I created a filter in Gmail which says any mail received which has in it’s TO address field should be labeled as whitespace and be archived.

There it goes. Now when I send out those mails from outlook, I send it to and Gmail labels them whitespace and archives them so that it’s less work for me and I can catch up with other good things in life.
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