Thursday, October 16, 2008

Gmail filter rules

Gmail Filter

I send screen shots, conversations, story links to my Gmail whenever I discover them so that I can later use them here on my blog posts. Most of the time this happens when I’m at work and I send out these mails from my work outlook. Then later when I get onto Gmail I select these mails and label them whitespace and make them easy discoverable later when I sit down to write things. Lot of work. I basically dont like working.

I was wondering if I could just send these mails out and then forget about them till I’m really in need of them. After a bit of googling for help, I created a filter in Gmail which says any mail received which has in it’s TO address field should be labeled as whitespace and be archived.

There it goes. Now when I send out those mails from outlook, I send it to and Gmail labels them whitespace and archives them so that it’s less work for me and I can catch up with other good things in life.


Nicky said...

Very Cool feature :)

This is not a prominent use case for me and that explains why i didn't know about it...

But GOOD TO KNOW now :)


Unknown said...

Thats the same reason its not a prominent feature on the interface. Its hidden, only resides in the help files. People like me will find it anyways. Power users are supposed to be intelligent :-)

Anonymous said...

I use filters a lot, not only in Gmail, in every email application I use. This may not be new to Outlook users as this is a clone of 'Rules..' in Outlook. Yahoo also have filters to move emails as they are received to designated folders instead of inbox.

Your post will be certainly helpful to Gmail Eluders.