Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Office Treasure Hunt Game Plan - Part 1

Everyone in the User Experience Team was super excited when I suggested that we would organize a treasure hunt game for the monthly team building event at work though the only thing we knew about a treasure hunt at the point was that it would have some clues which would lead the players to a treasure. It was our team which had to host the event this time and we wanted to do something which no other team had done before. As our 8 member team was kicked about the idea, the task of designing the game was given to the three interaction designers in the team. The requirement for the game we agreed upon was to make the game challenging and interesting for the players, but also easy for them to crack the clues once they get the hold of it. We also decided that it should have elements of mobile technology thrown in and also encourage team management by bringing in team activities.

Abhishek, Bhavna and I, the interaction designers, who were entrusted with the game design job did couple of brain storming sessions to bring in a shape to our scattered ideas. We pulled in Vandana our manager as a sounding board of ours to look at our ideas from a different perspective. She was also a great help in helping us manage the logistics.

The first thing we did was to group the office strength into 5 teams of 10 players each. We were aware that a 10 member team would be tough to manage when the game is on but we didn’t want to have more than 5 teams as each team would have their own separate path to the treasure. We had to create 5 paths each comprising of 6 steps which meant we had to come up with 30 different clues which lead to the treasure. All 30 clues would be kept at that many different locations which we had to be identified in our comparatively modest office space. Abhishek agreed to identify the locations for me to make the clues. To bring in the technology/mobile aspect we decided that at every step we will ask the team to do something with their mobile phone to get the next location clue. Bhavna agreed to come up with the activities. This was just the framework of the game but that’s when we came across different problems.

To be continued...

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