Friday, October 03, 2008

Office Treasure Hunt Game Plan - Part 2

Part 1

Problem 1

As we said that each team would have their own path to find the treasure, what if team A find clues of team B and follow them?

This was quite possible as there were 10 players in one team and they could virtually sweep the whole area to find clues and picking up the other team’s clue would mar the other team’s quest too. Also if the last clue gave away the treasure then what if the teams somehow (thanks to the sweeping nature) get the last clue well in advance?

We decided that a team picking up another team’s clue should have no use to them and we will also say this upfront as a rule. For that we decided that every step would have 2 things – One which will give them an idea of the final treasure and the second the clue of the location where the next set of clue was. The clue which would give an idea of the treasure would be of different kinds for every team i.e. if Team A gets a part of a map of where the treasure was kept, Team B would get a part of the picture of the treasure which they had to ultimately join together to know what/where the treasure was. The treasure would be the most unassuming thing which was always there in the open in the office. Like this we said we can make Team A’s clues unusable for Team B.

But we couldnt come up with 5 different ways of expressing the treasure. Vandana pulled us out of this problem.

“What if at every step they get a part of a picture of one of us?” she asked.

Team A would be actually searching for Person A and Team B would search for Person B, by collecting parts of his/her picture from all the locations. After the 6th clue they would have to bring all the parts together to make the bigger picture puzzle to identify the person and then contact him/her for the final clue for the treasure. This way we also resolved the problem of someone getting the last clue well in advance. It would still be unusable till they find the other pieces. We zeroed in on a toy tram kept at Vandana’s work station as the “unassuming” treasure.

Problem 2

Team A knows that picking up Team B’s clue is not going to help them. But what if they pick it up by mistake?

We decided to color code the teams and their clues. Teams A, B, C, D and E became Blue, Red, Green, Yellow and Brown and they were supposed to only pick up clues which were of their color.

Problem 3

What if the team identifies the person after one or two clues?

We would use our tough to recognize teenage pictures so that its not that easy. It would also add an element of fun.

Problem 4

It was tough to come up with 5 practical activities for the teams to do at every step to get the next location clue.

So we stuck to only two activities
  1. To open a url on the mobile phone
  2. To send a keyword to a number to receive reply with the clue

These activities would repeat for every team at different intervals with different urls, keywords and numbers to receive their location clues. This way we brought in the mobile usage part for all the teams.

Problem 5

How can we come up with the final clue for the toy tram at Vandana’s desk which had to be exactly pointed out?

The final clue for the treasure which had to be handed over by the person in the puzzle, would be a close up picture of the toy which would pin point the treasure but wouldn't give out the exact location. The team would have to guess the location of the treasure.

Problem 6

How would the game kick off?

We didn’t want to just give out the first clues to the teams once they were formed. The teams would have to feel that they earned the chance to get the first clue to make it more challenging. We thought of a time based activity for the teams and the early the team finishes the task the early they get their first clue. We came up with a task of making the teams count the pillars at the basement car park. As the basement car park was in a huge circular area we were sure that to count the pillars there would not be an easy task. The teams would have to sms us the correct number along with their team color and then come to us to collect the clue. The sms was to avoid arguments among the team regarding who had come first etc and also to keep the number a secret.

To be continued...

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