Saturday, October 04, 2008

Office Treasure Hunt Game Plan - Part 3

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Abhishek and Bhavna identified 35 locations from which 30 were picked by me to create the cryptic clues. I made the clues by following a similar pattern so that once a team gets hold of the pattern, they would be able to crack others comparitively easier. Some of them were
  1. 'Dual door food box' to safeguard against bacteria (fridge)
  2. ‘Ground zero makeup galore’ for a ‘race made of Adam's rib’ (ladies restroom)
  3. Look behind the ‘robot who makes stimulant beverage out of seeds’ from Ethiopia which made the goats dance (coffee machine)
  4. Table which supports injurious activities (smoking area table)
  5. They live among boxes and racks and are always ready to lend a hand (helpdesk)
Once the locations were fixed, Bhavna and Abhishek started working on the hunt path for the teams. It consisted of the locations and the things the team will have to do to retrieve the next clue. It was decided that for a team if clue 1 is kept at one end of the office, clue 2 will be kept at the other end, so that lot of chaotic movements happen. We also made sure that at one given point of time two teams won’t be present at a single location searching for clues.

We got 5 of our really tough to recognize teenage pictures printed, pasted them onto 5 different color papers and then cut them into pieces to make the color coded puzzle. The location clues were then pasted on to the pieces. As some of the steps in the path would ask the team to open a url or send a code to a number to get the next clue, mobile friendly web pages were made with the clues in it and also sent out the clues to the phones of our team members with which they were supposed to reply, when they receive the codes as sms. Abhishek also came up with an interesting way of folding the toy tram picture which was our final clue to be handed over by the mystery person in the puzzle. We also managed to keep all the clues at the designated locations when there was no one around and also do a dry run, hours before the game began.

We were all set to start the game, but there was still something missing.

To be continued...

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