Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Office Treasure Hunt Game Plan - Part 4

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We really didn’t have a treasure which was exciting enough for the team to find. We had thought of giving the winning team a bottle of champagne but when Vandana went to buy the bottle she had an idea of getting miniature liquor bottles instead. She also brought the miniatures to office in a gold colored gunny bag so that no one would see what it was. When we saw it in the morning we had an idea to make that as the treasure. We also added some ferrero rocher chocolates into the bag and packed it in such a way that it looked like a treasure bag.

But how would the team find it?

Last minute changes had to happen keeping all the other plans intact.

The plan was to keep the treasure in a cupboard which will be locked and the key would be kept in the toy tram. The key would have a note which says where it belonged to.

And this time we had got everything perfect.

We were afraid that if the teams would find the clues impossible to crack. So we decided that all of us will hang around with the teams and if we found them not able to crack the codes we would help them by giving out hints etc. Also we had printouts of every team’s path with all the clues so that if any of the clues go missing, we could still help them out.

The game was a true sell out super hit among the team as they enjoyed the activities and the thrill of finding the clues which led to the other. We still had to help some of the teams to crack the clues and there were instances when some of the clues went missing. We could still help them out thanks to the fallback options but they had to miss out on the complete set of clues to form the final puzzle. Finally one of the teams cracked the big code and found the treasure amongst an extremely upbeat crowd. It was a roaring success and everyone had only good things to say about the event. It was a very well deserved break for us also to move away from the mundane job to something more interesting, challenging and brain teasing. It was also a best example on how team work works well in solving problems and designing something interesting and setting up the logistics.

The treasure hunt game in a nutshell
  • The teams would go to the basement to count the number of pillars there and sms us. 
  • The first team which smsed us would get the first clue ie. a small piece of random shaped card which had a part of the picture puzzle on one side and a cryptic description of the next location, pasted on to the “colored coded” other side. 
  • At some points it would also ask them to open a url on their phone or sms a code to a number to receive the next location. 
  • After collecting the 7th clue from the 6th location they would have to keep all the clues together to form the picture puzzle. The team had to figure that out on their own as the last clue would only tell them to contact the person in the puzzle (One team actually got all the clues but missed out the puzzle part. They didn’t know that the other side of the clue was a part of a bigger picture). 
  • After recognizing the person they would have to go to him/her who would hand over a folded picture of the toy tram. 
  • The team would guess the location of the toy and find it. 
  • A key would be kept inside the tram which would have the word ‘pantry’ written on it. 
  • The team would then have to go to the pantry, find and unlock the closet to find the treasure.
Simple ;-)


Anonymous said...

Oh! I love it, I love it, I love it!!!

Wishing SO much that I could have been part of the treasure hunting game that you guys designed :).

Grrrreeeat Work!

Unknown said...

@shikha I'm glad that i could make at least one whitespace reader a fan of our game :P

Anonymous said...

Oh boy. I'm always on the lookout for great treasure hunts. I'm gonna try this one in the office in a couple of weeks when the whole team is back together. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

@brad Glad that you found it interesting

Unknown said...

Till today morning i was in dilemma as i was finding some help on treasure hunt activities. I am so thankful to you ....:) this is simply gr8.

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Unknown said...

Thanks. Also pls post if you tried this at your place and how did it go

Gagan said...

Nice!! I am planning to use some of the clues and some of the ideas from this blog to design a treasure hunt game. Thanks a Ton!

Anonymous said...

AMAZING....!!! Thanks a million :)