Thursday, December 04, 2008

Do matrimony site ads actually work?

Matrimony Site Ad Banner
The other day I caught my friend on chat

Friend: I figured that the matrimonial sites never work.

Me: Huh why not?

Friend: Whenever I go online I see good looking girls' profile posted on the ads for matrimonial sites.

Me: OK so...

Friend: Its more than a year now, I see the same girls still on those ads saying they are still looking. If these beautiful girls couldn't find anyone on the site for this long, then people like me will have a tough time. I think I will stay away.

Me: Haha boss they are models posing for the matrimony site ads, not actual profiles. But of course I get your point :-)
My friend has lost all hope. I think its high time the matrimony sites change their strategy or at least the models.


Arun said...

You made my day :-)

The models who tempt you to click on the ads are not there on the matrimonial site at all. It is interesting to see that people are not very much bothered after clicking the ad.

On a lighter note, I had a friend who liked the girl on the ad instantly, clicked the ad, searched for her all over the site and got disappointed. Later we both had similar type coversation as you and friend had :-)

Anonymous said...

//Friend: Its more than a year now, I see the same girls still on those ads saying they are still looking. //

At the same age ...? Haha :-)

Archana Balaji said...

lol! :) some of those models are good friends of mine :) and they feel the same way too after they see their own ad :)

but matrimonial sites so work. I should knw because my parents have been actively using a few of them. I cant say very much for the photos I've been shown. Nevertheless they're good fun if you need a break :)

I'm think that if I do make a career change, I'd switch to this. All you need is a website and your darling matchmaking aunts (+maybe their friends) - Viola! Community Specific matchmaking

Anonymous said...

So true. Just came here from a similar Pluggdin article. I hope they change the models ;)

Unknown said...

@abid ah i checked out the luggd in article. Its a nice addendum to this story.

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