Friday, January 16, 2009

Android vs iPhone?

T Mobile G1 and iPhone
As I talked about Android some days ago, My friend who is currently working on Android projects pinged me to talk more on it
Friend: I watched the videos, seems pretty neat! though the phone seems quite bulkier than the iPhone..

Me: :) I would say, Android should not be compared to iphone, may be to start with we can compare, but ultimately they will be two different gadgets

Friend: But they are launching it as a competitor in the same space

Me: That’s the easiest to do when you start. Remember Gmail? When gmail came they just said it gives 1 GB storage space, which was easy to make people take it

Friend: True... but its not like the 1gb thing was just a carrot... they have still kept up with it and maintained it..

Me: Yes. But 1 GB is the last thing u use Gmail for now… right?

Friend: True.. absolutely.. I have not used the iphone… but at a very basic app to app thing.. it will boil down to the same wont it?

Me: Bringing out a brand new phone experience challenge has already done by apple. Now Google doesn’t have to repeat it, it will just say it’s like iphone to start with. The common thing in both the phones is they have really played down the “phone” aspect of it.

Friend: It will be a phone.. which lets you do things.. only difference being that since its open source.. experiments with it would be higher..

Me: The user has nothing to do with open source

Friend: True... you n me don’t have.. But as a whole its easier to build stuff on top of it right ?

Me: Yes. It’s like your computer. What I’m saying is its early to be directly compared to iphone. iPhone is all about experiences and Android will be of affordable and powerful things which u can do using a handheld device.

Friend: Longer run... I’m sure its gonna surpass the iphone in more that being just a phone.

Me: The objective of Android and iPhone is not to build a great phone. Phone is just a part of the feature. They will go on to become powerful handheld computers like the Mac and windows machines. I don’t know if I will ever compare Mac with a windows machine when I go to buy a computer. I will be clear on that. I will only compare machines in the same platform with a hardware perspective. For me Mac and Windows are two different products… even though on a high level they are two different computer brands. A couple of my friends have a Mac and windows for doing separate things. They might have some similar features and functionality overlap though…

Friend: Hmm

Me: Objective of Google is to make users use only their stuff for computing, tomorrow they might come with a Google TV :P which runs on top of Sony or Samsung

Friend: hehehehe! Wont be surprised... ! That would make it quite interesting I’d say.. !

Me: so your point of being the G phone bulky is least of Google’s problem, people will still look at HTC, Sony, Motorola and Samsung for options on hardware

Friend: do they have a system wherein i can have my tv on cable n online at the same time?

Me: I don’t know. I know there is Apple TV

Friend: Google might become like a service then!

Me: No... OS or OS like

Friend: yeah. i guess..

Me: It’s like this you can buy Samsung laptops, Dell or HP, but ultimately you r going to use Windows

Friend: hehe yes!

Me: So the laptop being bulky is not Microsoft’s headache, that’s something that the hardware company should figure out

Friend: :)

Me: Btw it’s all in the air OK, I really don’t know what their real strategy etc is

Friend: Yeah. Well. When it comes to Google you can hardly tell what the theory behind it is

Me: Yes
I retire. Google hire me... :P


Anonymous said...

The comparison should be HTC vs iPhone or Android vs iPhone OS. I think iPhone and Blackberry Storm are comparable now. Storm's promotion itself was targeted iphone, explaining what storm makes possible which is not possible with iPhone. Also they emphasized that it is an enterprise phone, not a fancy toy.

PS: I use iPhone. 50% I hate it and 50% I like it :-)
I was 101% satisfied with my previous smart phone iPAQ with pocket PC, except for it's size.

Unknown said...

@raj True when i first used iphone i was amazed at the user experience. It was phenomenal. Now you get this phone which acts like a computer, you go on to do things like your computer and then the restrictions come in. iPhone is not for power users, its made for people like my dad who needs a simpler way of doing basic things on a mobile phone. Feature wise my E51 is far powerful than iPhone. But experience wise iPhone is up there.

When i saw on the android videos is the computer like features on a handheld which is different from iphone philisophy. I would say in the future iphone will be a lifestyle product and G Phones will compete in the blackberry space. ie New York will use iPhones and Silicon Valley will turn to G Phones. Btw i hate blackberry's internet capabilities.