Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Sky's the limit

Android and Chrome logosI was watching all those cool Android videos the other day, which I think is clearly going to have an edge among the iPhone droolers if positioned right, and that’s when it struck me that whatever I was seeing were only a start of what Google wants to attain as their ultimate goal of being the omnipresent in the digital world. Whatever Android does on phone is exactly what I’m going to expect from Google on my desktop in the coming years. May be they just chose to start early on mobile as there is a clear opportunity there at the moment and make it slowly on desktops.

Even though Google has already emerged as the undisputed king in the internet, its Chrome, not a fat ass OS as we think, that is going to turn the game around for Google on desktop. I’m no one to predict anything in the digital world but this is what I think which is going to happen or at least would like to happen.

Chrome won’t be a run of the mill web browser which will compete with IE or Firefox but their aim will be to remain light weight in terms of features but focus more on making Google’s products work well on it. I have already started using it as I’m a user of most of Google’s web services and I think they work the best on Chrome. Remember I have always been an IE user and no other browser was ever able to convince me to dump IE for whatever reasons till Chrome happened.

Now as Google has me using its products on its browser, here is my wish list for the future
  • Chrome should remember me as a Google user; i.e. I login and it knows what I want, my favorites, my history and geography.
  • All Google products on chrome as an integrated environment; i.e. Chrome as a one stop application which has search, email, calendar, contacts, things to read and write, pictures, videos, music, docs, maps, other websites, file storage and every other thing I use computer for.
  • All the Google apps available offline i.e. I can open Chrome to draft a gmail even when I’m not plugged into internet.
  • Plugins which work well with the integrated apps.
Simply whatever things I can do on my Android phone and Chrome on desktop should be almost the same.
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