Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Upwardly Mobile 2

Another powerful mobile app is the Qik web casting on mobile. It records videos using your phone’s camera and in real time uploads it to your qik.com account, enabling you to do a quick and easy way to do a live web casting. Last month I was attending my colleague’s wedding in Guruvayur and I did a live qik of the ceremony for the folks at office. It was a phenomenal experience. Although later I meddled with the video quality setting to make the upload faster only to make the video quality poor. But the first clip did make a sensation in the office.

BTISMapunity’s BTIS service helps you in getting real time traffic status updates in Bangalore so that you can decide on what route to take when you are driving. They have a very useful SMS based service but I'm not sure how will I be able to remember all those keywords. So they have a mobile app which is still in the alpha version. But I think the app can be only used by people who have an engineering degree in mobile technology. They are really in need of an UX expert to make the app simple to use and if they do the app could be a runaway hit. I don’t mind helping them out if they are Ok with it. Coming back to the matter, if you manage to figure out how to use it, it has a mint cool feature of showing live pictures of on the road traffic powered by cameras kept at different traffic junctions.

ICICI imobileTalking about user experience, the ICICI imobile app is very simple to use. Yes it doesn’t even ask for your ICICI web User id and password to login. They have a real cool way of integrating your bank account with the app. I paid some of my bills using this app but again recharging my wife’s Airtel prepaid card is still a problem. Even though I can easily make a payment to Airtel using the app or ICICI online, the prepaid account just doesn’t get topped up. ICICI does re fund the money after two - three days though.

Thanks to my phone, I don’t forget a thing now a days. Previously I used to get SMS reminders from Google Calendar for the events I shouldn't miss out, but now I’ve synchronized my phone with Google Calendar and Outlook. I use Google Calendar Sync to bring in Google calendar events on to my Outlook which has my official appointments and tasks. I then sync my phone with Outlook using blue tooth. So once I setup the sync thing, as I add events on Google Calendar and Outlook it automatically gets updated on my phone which will then remind me by putting the day’s tasks on my phone’s home page.

NDTV MobileThen there is mobile.ndtv.com my favorite for reading news; they actually have enough things on mobile for me not to even go to their website. I also use the network18 sites m.ibnlive.com for news, m.buzz18.com for time pass movie gossip stuff and last but not the least m.moneycontrol.com; just to see my portfolio value going down day by day :-( Ah for cricket fans there is m.cricketnext.com too. Network18 has a very good presence on mobile and they are open to trying out new stuff. Oh btw these sites are powered by the company I work for, July Systems. ;-) That’s also a reason behind me being addicted to mobile internet as I'm supposed to be an evangelist of all the mobile sweetness.

PS: Also check out Wikipedia (en.wap.wikipedia.org), dictionary.com (m.reference.com/d), Yahoo Mail (m.yahoo.com/mail), Delicious (m.delicious.com) and Flickr (m.flickr.com) on mobile. Some of them do redirect to the mobile version when accessed using their regular web urls on mobile phones. Some of them don't, which is bad.

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Do check out the Google Mobile Sync for syncing both your contacts and calendar with Gmail contacts & Google calendar respectively (Link:http://www.google.com/mobile/default/sync.html) ... What I like about it is that the sync is over the air, both ways and practically instantaneous (push) ... The contacts are a bit of a pain to set up given that you would not want the gazillion people in your gmail address book on your mobile ... but with a little bit (okie make that 'a lot of') cleaning up of the address book it works like a charm! ... Also you can choose to just sync the calendar & not the contacts ...