Monday, May 25, 2009

The ultimate Twitter revenue model

Twitter Fail Whale

Best ideas are born when chatting with friends.
Friend: A friend is planning on starting a website that is similar to smashing magazine... but for movies and music... you interested?

Me: I don’t have time to read or write now a days. Haven’t even opened Google Reader in a long time :-(

Friend: I have had 1000+ in my reader for a couple of months now..

Me: Yeah me too

Friend: been sleeping at 4am, 5am...

Me: Once I argued with some one who said blogging was a fad. Now I think its coming true.

Friend: lol... According to some, blogging is dead... it's become a commercial enterprise now... and blogging as you used to know it, no longer exists.

Me: Amateur blogging has come down like anything

Friend: Yeah... over 100 million abandoned blogs… according to Technorati

Me: It’s more like online magazines now. Blogs are a boon for sure. You search for any shit you get it on someone’s blog

Friend: According to some, micro blogging is the new blogging…

Me: Micro blogging is keeping me updated now a days

Friend: Now how to make money off it is the next phase

Me: hmm may be they will have sponsors

Friend: Likely

Me: Sponsors based on the number of followers. Sponsors need not work based on page views. They just need to be heard.

Friend: yeah, so that's authority and popularity... you need to be popular...

Me: So if you sponsor me, I will talk good things about you

Friend: Is that an offer?

Me: hehe may be I will do a matrimonial Twitter channel and…

Friend: huh? Why?

Me: …only girls are allowed to follow me. I broadcast trustworthy info about prospective boys

Friend: Hmm...

Me: The boys sponsor me.

Friend: Then I’ll definitely sponsor you...

Me: See...

Friend: hey, if they're sponsoring you, how can they be trustworthy?

Me: They need not be trustworthy. I'm trustworthy. Like say Techcrunch

Friend: How so?

Me: They ask me to review them by paying me. (I don’t know if Techcrunch takes money to review btw)

Friend: Oy, I'm not stripping, ok...

Me: hahaha

Friend: How will you review me?

Me: Like you pay for my friendship

Friend: :P

Me: I become your paid friend. I study you for a week or so and then I write about you. Millions of girls who follow me will read it and would want to meet you

Friend: You've got to get into action on that... but micro blogging is not enough to write about me... you need a large book.

Me: Well even Alukkas jewellery and Kalyan sarees can pay me coz of the target audience. So that I talk good about them too.

Friend: Hmm... Are you gonna act on that?

Me: How’s my idea?

Friend: I think its good... needs marketing... solid marketing...

Me: First I need to be a ladies man, make a solid girl friends circle and then make them fall for ahem sorry follow me… and then let the boys know that the girls listen to me... lot of work

Friend: You need to have a very sound reputation both on the net and off...

Me: yes

Friend: and you have hang out with the girls study them too

Me: Well that will be a free service. I will do special recommendation of those girls who allow me to hang out with them

Friend: I think you will need a team for that...

Me: No No its like Splitsvilla. Everyone makes me happy

Friend: what the heck is that...

Me: Oh that’s another reality show on MTV

Friend: hmm...

Me: Girls make the King happy and boys make the Queen happy

Friend: What the heck?

Me: In the end the king and queen pick their partners to win the show

Friend: This is some porn reality show?

Me: Hehe not porn but of course little more than Indian sensibilities. However I hope the girls’ parents have sold their TV before the season started.


Unknown said...

This post needs to be on NBS!

:D...totally hilarious.

Wait a minute, why do you think only guys will sponsor you if you have are a ladies man. In this age, I'm sure lots of girls will sponsor you too ;-).

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Gopal said...

Lol! That ws really funny!