Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Phoney Girls!

Girl with mobile phoneAs I work on the mobile internet space, I'm always on the lookout for new ideas which will help me in designing better mobile experiences. I talk to people about how they use their phone, what all they use it for other than making calls and sms, what all do they expect from a phone etc etc.

When my wife was planning to buy a new phone I had suggested to buy a Nokia E51 (I have one) as I think it comes with all the latest useful features at a less price. But she rejected it outright as she thought it was a very common phone as she saw it with many people. She wanted her phone to be something special although she was not clear about what feature would make it so... a qwerty keyboard perhaps. She looked at many options but the moment she saw the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, she made up her mind that the special element she was looking for was a cool touch screen. Every other feature came next to that. Once she started using the phone a lot of things surprised me
  • She thinks using stylus is cool and refuses to use finger touch. I think she is gonna hate iphone.

  • She hates the accelerometer. Has switched it off.

  • She wanted to re install Nokia PC Suite on my computer coz she thought the PC Suite CD which came with the phone was cute.

  • She wanted to join Facebook coz she wanted to use the Facebook icon that came preloaded with the phone.
All these things completely bowled me over coz these were valuable data which would help me immensly. I decided to ask more girls about their mobile phone preferences and the answers I got were even more interesting.

I like windows mobile more than Nokia coz win mobile allows me to put Calvin and Hobbes animation on the home screen
I bought my Sony Erricson coz I thought the package was super cute

I think some day I will become a mobile anthropologist.

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TheCruisemaniac said...

We had done a similar survey a couple of years back at my old company.

The most surprising factor we noted back then was that women (the survey was "What do you look for in a mobile phone", Guys vs. Gals) wanted to go for the brighter looking, hip models. And they preferred Nokia's to SE / Motorola coz they took more shock and were generally more durable.

Nice to see that the trends are changing over time...

Ppl are getting online! :-)