Friday, June 05, 2009

Remember the milk carton

Amul Lite & Nestle LiteI use Nestle milk's Tetrapak carton which I think is not very user friendly. Its coz I have to cut open the corner of the brick shaped carton to make a hole which not only makes the milk leak and overflow but also forced to be stored in an opened condition. The same is the case with Amul Taaza milk. Nandini Good Life milk pack comes in a very basic Tetra Fino package and hence cant be kept upright. I wonder why cant Indian milk cartons be made like the typical gable top milk cartons like we get abroad.

Gable top packsA gable top milk carton is a peak shaped smart packaging design marvel which can be pulled from one side of the tip to make a pout kind of opening. This not only helps pouring the milk properly without overflowing or leaking but also can be retracted back to close and store. Tetra Pak has an advanced version of this with a cap called the Tetra Rex.

LeakageIs it a cost cutting technique thats making the companies get milk packed in a simple Tetra Brik package and not a gable top milk carton? A more expensive Amul Lite comes in brick shape but has a flip open top which is again not as usable as the gable top carton. I think the people who go for carton milk wouldn't mind paying a little extra for it to be a little more usable. Or atleast make it like the Tropicana juice pack (Indian) which is brick shaped but with a capped opening. Are Nestle/Amul/Nandini listening?
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