Monday, July 13, 2009

Drive me lazy

I always used to wonder what my life would have been if God had not created a calculator; I'm bad with numbers, my math is bad... really bad. I don't know if thats some kind of a disability but i have never taken it as one. I know that there are so many things which I'm good at (haven't figured them out yet tho), but when it comes to maths, I just use a calculator. I also believe that my disability to remember dates is also related to my problem with numbers. Plate indicating unhealthy food I don't remember birthdays; well even mine. Google calendar is one of the apps I religiously visit daily. I've also synced Gcal to my phone calendar, so I'm pretty confident that i wont miss any important dates. Then there are to do lists, reminders, alarms etc to help me further to remember things so that i don't have to give a lot of work for my brains. I also believe that all these gadgets which made my life easier have also made me lazy.

I guess its my laziness which has made me a 'heavy weight'. And I've been using the "no time" excuse to not do any kind of exercice too. I have also got a diet chart which I think if followed will make me malnourished. But I'm open to not eat things which are fattening and not healthy. But I'm again lazy to read the calories and find out whether its too much for me etc.

Plate indicating healthy food What if there was a plate which told me if the food I've taken is good or bad for me. I just dont understand the calorie and fat chart. Just tell me if its good or bad so that I can avoid eating that or may be reduce the quantity. May be it can turn green to red to show how good or bad. Of course it would be a special plate to change colors according to the food; it should also be intelligent enough to find out my weight and body state by reading data signals from my body by me just holding it. I'm sure that my body or at least the brain knows if I'm over weight, if my organs have any specific problem, if i have an allergy etc. This information is what the plate would be reading to find out whether the food I have in my plate is actually good for me. May be it can also show me if the taste of the food is according to my likings? May be I'm pushing it this time...

To be continued (Of course when I have more ideas on how to drive me lazy)
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