Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My bet is on Android

Android LogoFirst things first; I think the iPhone is an amazing piece of gadgetery. There is no doubt that the iPhone clubbed with the app store phenomenon has just changed the smartphone landscape overnight and forced every other device manufacturer go back to the drawing board. I do agree that the iPhone has the best touch friendly OS and superior hardware to any other phone in the market today, but I somehow would like to place my bet on Android. Here are 5 reasons why...

1. I'm a Google fan

I'm a blind Google fan and I would like to be a part of their products. I know there are Apple fans who swear by Apple products. Some how I was never attracted to using Apple products just for the fact that the whole world goes gaga over it. I like the underdog.

2. I don't like restrictions

Just let me do my own stuff and make it easy boss. Dont make me "jailbreak" my phone or make me look for a paper clip if I want to take out the SIM card. Let me have Google voice on my phone. Let me choose my own device brand which allows me to change the battery myself, if it conks off. Let me watch flash movies...

3. I want physical keypad

I don't mind a virtual keypad but for better control and speed, I think I will need a physical keypad. I know the physical keypad makes the phone bulky and clunky, but I also know that better product designs can overcome that and it will definitely happen.

4. I want more choices

At the time of writing this there are 10 device manufacturer brands as a part of the Open Handset Alliance, the group committed to commercially deploy handsets and services using the Android Platform. There are 23 phones already announced and more will follow. I have more choices of brands, capabilities and price to choose from. Android phones will be cheaper as the OS is free for use for the device manufacturers (Please correct me if I'm wrong). The manufacturers can also customize the UI to bring in their own unique experiences on the phones like the MotoBlur™ and HTC Sense™. I think Motorola Cliq is the best of the lot I have seen till now but I'm also waiting for the stunning Sony Ericsson 'Rachael'. I did like the Nokia's Maemo phone N900 but I seriously think that even Nokia should join the Open handset alliance so that we will have superior Android phones. Who can beat Nokia in making mobile phones?

5. More and better Apps

I'm sure in the coming days there will be more and better Android apps available as there are no restrictions from both the Android Market and the OS level. Android does not differentiate between the phone's core applications and third-party applications. They can all be built to have equal access to a phone's capabilities providing users with a broad spectrum of applications and services. Forget about all that. The fact that all Google apps will definitely be on Android makes it good enough right away. Also as Android net books start coming in, I can even have the same set of apps on my phone and my computer, synced.

All this might not happen overnight. But I'm sure that there is a lot of interesting stuff waiting to happen in the Android space. Just be patient.


iamclovin said...

Nice article. I want the Android phones to do well, only because it will make the iPhone better. I think the biggest thing going for Android is also it's biggest weakness - it's openness.

Apple products are way better and have much better finish because they control everything about the software and hardware, making it easier for them to define the user experience, which is what other handset makers struggle with.

Also, from using open-source desktop software such as KDE/Gnome - my feeling is that in terms of UI, open source is probably not a good idea because there are so many people involved in making a decision. I think in these cases it's better to have a benevolent dictator who decides what goes into a product, so that there is consistency.

Unknown said...

@iamclovin Agreed. I think i have talked about how Apple's dictatorship allows them to remain beautiful and classy ( before in Whitespace. And for the same reason they are special and expensive too.

Let there be others players too who are cheaper, lay guidelines but are not as finicky as Apple to decide what should go in and what not. Also like you said it also creates competition which will eventually make everyone better.

The openness being a weakness is debatable. I do understand that there will be a lot of garbage in the Android Market but let the user decide whats good and bad for him. Isn't that fair enough?

I also understand that the app dev for Android is not as smooth as iPhone, there are lot of concerns. But as I always say, its just the start, things will get resolved in due time.

Thanks for commenting and for your valuable views Arun.

Anonymous said...

hi umesh,

i just got dropped into your blog ("my bet is on android"). here is my opinion and i am here not to hurt you. i would also like to clarify that i am neither a google nor apple fan.

first thing when you compare two products, you should have a open mind and should not have a biased mindset towards one product.

you have mentioned 5 points in your blog. in the first point i would like bring you the notice of certain things.
1. you are a blind fan of google. so that led you the bet on android blindly.
2. you don't like using apple products, so obviously you will not bet on apple.

you cannot compare android and iphone. android is an os where as iphone is an mobile handset. android competitors are windows mobile os, rim, symbian. iphone competitors are mobile handset manufacturers like motorola, samsung, nokia etc...

maybe you can compare iphone with droid phones. i think you should have heard about droid (handset is motorola and os is android).

ok bye. i don't know whether you will approve it and reply, but this is just my view and no intent is hurt you.

Unknown said...

@anonymous Your comment is accepted as you can see it :-) Thanks a lot for your view point. Appreciate it.

More than me I think you are hurt for some reason :-) I think you just read this post of mine and made an impression. You should have read my other posts too where i have actually said Android shouldn't be compared with iPhone.

This was not a comparison either. This post only said that I would go for an Andriod phone. Never tried to predict as a phenomenon or anything. It was just my opinion. I never tried to convince others. Didn't I say iPhone is superb?

This is the place i write about things what i think is right and i have never written things echoing what others are saying. This is just a vent out of mine. This is not an industry watcher blog. I don't make money out of this blog. :-)

Please do come again and keep commenting.