Friday, October 02, 2009

Somethings should change

Mobile Carrier LogosMy wife who has now become a Facebook addict; constantly using it on her phone, is not very happy about her slightly expensive Airtel data plan.

She: I'm thinking of changing my connection coz I'm not able to afford the internet on Airtel.

Me: So have you looked at the options?

She: Yes. I think Tata Docomo should have cheaper internet.

Me: Oh really? Did you check out the rates?

She: No not yet. I guessed coz their voice plans are anyways cheaper. So its obvious to have a cheaper internet plan

Me: Well you better find out. What about Reliance? Did you check it out?

She: Huh? I'm talking about GSM services

Me: I know. Reliance has also come up with a GSM service

She: Huh?? When??? I didnt know this. Aren't they advertising?

Me: Of course they are. The new Hritik Roshan ads are for their GSM service

She: Oh I just didnt figure out...

Me: Well its not your mistake that you missed it.

She: Then?

Me: Isn't it interesting that you are well aware of Tata Docomo services and you even have a perception about their pricing. At the same time you dont even have a clue that Reliance also came up with a GSM service around the same time and they even have a Bollywood super star endorsing it?

She: Ya right. How did that happen?

Me: Its coz Reliance did nothing to create a strong audio visual distinction for their new service brand. They just added the words GSM and CDMA to their existing brand identity.

Whereas Tata made their GSM brand Docomo look absolutely different from their CDMA brand Indicom. Docomo also has a super cool signature tune which made the brand distinctly recognizable. Their ads are funny, almost in the same lines of the Virgin Mobile (A Tata Indicom joint venture) ads. The teaser ads too helped in creating curiosity and buzz among people prior to the launch. Tata didn't stop there, they also did some fresh innovation in their pricing strategy which made the whole thing a big hit. I'm told that the SIM cards have run out of stock at many places.

She: But Docomo is a Japanese brand right? So may be its their look which Tata used...

Me: No. Ironically Docomo's real logo looks very similar to Indicom. So that says it was a well planned strategy of theirs to come up with a fresh new branding.

She: Wow

In design, being consistent is very important if you don't expect your target audience to behave or react differently. But if you want them to take notice and act accordingly, you need to bring in new elements to break the consistency and familiarity.

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SRK said...

Good one. Google's home page logos came in my mind.