Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lazy Innovations

On a lazy evening my friend caught me on chat

Friend: Just wondering, have your read 'Ambient Findability'?

Me: Well no. I seldom read books

Friend: :-) Okey actually a friend was asking me about some usability books.

Me: Well, I haven’t read any books on usability. it’s a secret btw. Its not that I don't read at all. I'm an avid reader online. But otherwise I work on a common sense theory.

Friend: Haha :-) guess you don't need any

Me: The only book (if u can call it a book) I have read is ‘Getting Real

Friend: oh yeah - that’s the only book I bought online

Me: I have bought books online. Just that I didn’t read them. ‘Getting Real’ a friend of mine sent it to me

Friend: Hmmm. I suggested my friend to read 'Dont make me think' - I don’t know any other

Me: I haven’t read it but the title sounds interesting. Something which I say all the time. Recently I read a quote on Twitter saying “Innovation comes from lazy people who try to do things in easier ways”

Friend: Haha true. Actually there is another: “Give the impossible to the laziest. They will find a way out”

Me: Good one. I'm lazy but I dont know if I have done any innovation though :P

Friend: Only problem is sometimes innovation doesn’t come from a problem. It comes from nowhere

Me: Is it? I don’t know. I'm bad at Maths. I can’t remember numbers. Any number. So I find some indigenous way to solve this problem of mine. Simple solutions.

Like I always give the same number of clothes to the laundry. So that I don’t have to remember different numbers every time. The laundry guy is also happy. The number and the money is always the same. No calculations needed :P

Friend: Haha thats cool
I'm an innovator yay :P


Raj said...


When the accelerator cable of my two wheeler broke, I was lazy enough to take it to mechanic shop. I connected seldom used front brake cable to the carburetor and was happily riding.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

good innovation.. take patent