Monday, April 05, 2010

Bullshit Bullet - Tikona Customer Care

After figuring out that BSNL and Airtel cant give me a connection to my new place in an acceptable amount of wait period, I started trying for other options for internet. My first idea was to go for a wireless broadband connection but i found them as too expensive for my need.

One day I decided to try my lucky on unprotected wifi connections around and to my surprise I found an open connection called Tikona Wibro. I selected the connection but I was not able to browse any site other than Tikona's. Their site gave me details on how to get their home connection and I found this as a very smart move of theirs. Keep a limited availability connection open for people to find them. I was impressed with their plans too.

I called customer care and asked them to send someone but as per their "policy" they would send someone only after three days!! Anyways after multiple calls i could manage to get someone come to my place on a Saturday. The connection process was a pretty long drawn process. After paying the first guy, an engineer came to my place and tried installing SP2 on my machine ignoring the machine alerts saying its upto date with SP3 installed. I lost patience and I had to actually explain him what he was trying to do and what my machine is trying to tell him. He ultimately installed a dialer software and left at that. My real connection came after four days of irritating calls to customer care.

Tikona Wibro actually works in an impressive way. There are no wires coming into my building. There is a tiny antenna kept on the window and connected to a wireless modem. This modem makes my home wifi enabled. I can either connect my comp by an Ethernet cable directly to the modem or anywhere in the house using WiFi. I need to connect using the dialer software and then start browsing. If not you will always land in the login page of Tikona also where you can login and start browsing. The connection is decently fast and is also very economical. According to them mobile phones cant be used coz they dont have a mobile dialer. This is a drawback though.

The dialer thingy doesn't work properly. It shows up junk characters when I try to login and the remember password option doesn't work. I need to login every time and hence need to remember the 10 digit user id. A week after i got the connection sorted out someone from Tikona called me for a survey.

Tikona guy: Do you have any suggestions?

Me: Yes ... ... also the dialer behaves like there is no programming done behind the UI. It shows junk characters, when i click on update it says not possible and most importantly the remember password option doesnt work.

Tikona: Oh sir its for your security.

Me: What you mean?

Tikona: What if someone comes to you place and use your internet without your knowledge?

Me: Boss someone using my comp without my knowledge is a bigger problem which I should figure out. Coz of your wonderful security policy I have to now save the user name and pwd on a notepad and have it on the desktop. Do you think thats secure? Also if you think saving password is not secure why have you given the option in the first place and giving me this ridiculous explanation?

Tikona: Oh sir, I have noted your point sir. We are there for you sir. We will come up some kind of innovation to try to help you sir.

Me: Boss please don't innovate and all that for no reason. Just make the option work. Write some code behind the UI.

Tikona: Yes sir, I'm just customer care guy sir. I will transfer your request to Engineers sir.

Me: Whatever...

Go for Tikona if you think you can handle these "security issues" and "policies". Its OK when you don't have to talk to anyone.
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